I am cinematographer based in Berlin.
I have worked for VICE, AJ+, 60 Second Docs, Now This, etc.
I am also making music videos, advertisements, and award winning feature documentaries.
I own all necessary equipment to produce a broadcast quality video (cameras, audio, lights etc).

Check my videos below. There are some interviews, documentaries and event films.
I answer e-mails same day or faster

Feel free to get in touch with me

Where to find me
I am based in Berlin, travel worldwide
Current location
Berlin, Germany
Mobile Phone
+49 178 539 09 47
Referenz durch 60 Second Docs
Nikita totally killed it. We are very pleased with the footage, and the interview, as well as his workflow, correspondence, and overall inventiveness. I definitely recommend him for your project.
60 Second Docs
Dan Leonard
Referenz durch Now This
Nikita was incredibly professional and talented DP. It was a pleasure working with him!
Now This
Julia Hoff
Referenz durch Global Citizen
I cannot recommend Nikita highly enough for anyone in need of high-quality documentary footage delivered promptly and professionally. The footage he delivered went above and beyond our shot list in the best way possible, and he brought a finely tuned artistic eye to every shot. Exceptional!
Global Citizen
Hans Glick