I am a director of photography based in Berlin.
I work with media channels, directors, creators, brands, filmmakers and artists, helping them to create the stories they want to tell.
I am also part of the video production team Kunst Films.


Nikita is incredibly professional and talented DP. It was a pleasure working with him!

Julia Hoff, Now This

Nikita totally killed it. We are very pleased with the footage, and the interview, as well as his workflow, correspondence, and overall inventiveness. I definitely recommend him for your project.

Dan Leonard, 60 Second Docs

I cannot recommend Nikita highly enough for anyone in need of high-quality documentary footage delivered promptly and professionally. The footage he delivered went above and beyond our shot list in the best way possible, and he brought a finely tuned artistic eye to every shot. Exceptional!

Hans Glick, Global Citizen


2014 Brit Milah, director, camera, editor – Nikita Pavlov, 7 min, video movie.
2012 When New Year Comes on Shabbat, director, camera – Nikita Pavlov, editors – Petr Zhukov, Viktoriya Chupakhina. 83 min, documentary diary.
2010 Stories for my daughter, idea by Petr Zhukov. 17 min, video movie.

director of photography
2019 Eva’s Mission, director Martha van der Bly, documentary feature, in production.
2016 It’s Getting Dark, director Olga Kravets, documentary feature, 48 min.
2016 Tomorrow Will Be The Same, director Petr Zhukov, feature, 1 hour 6 min.
2016 Çiçek, director Petr Zhukov, feature, 153 min.
2014 Return of a Curonian Pilot, director Petr Zhukov, feature.
2013 Young and Gay in Putin’s Russia, VICE, documentary, 31 min.
2013 Étude Fiskars, director Nina Pulkkis, documentary, in process.
2013 Farewell to Fireplace, director Petr Zhukov, 19 min.
2012 Birthday, director Anastasiia Kyryliuk, 15 min.
2012 Anton’s Right Here (episode cameraman), director Lyubov Arkus, documentary, 110 min.
2012 Goodbye, Tegel, director Sergio Rufini Mastropasqua, 8 min.
2011 U, director Petr Zhukov, 15 min.
2011 The Shelter, director Olga Kravets. installation and multimedia.

Contact me

Feel free to write me: nikita@nikitapavlov.de.
You can also text, whatsapp or call at +49 178 539 09 47